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Recent Reviews

Overall, the entire checkout experience was clean. Took 1 week to get my shoes and they checked out to be 100% Authentic. Will be ordering again and again.

Charles Zander

Legit seller, fast business. I love that they offer something for everyones budget. Makes it easier for everyone.

Marcho Loss

10 pairs in hand. Took 1.5 weeks but the prices are too good to complain. I was skeptical, but the entire process was a pleasure and would buy again. Left reviews everywhere.

Trent Cooper

Quick delivery and good pricing. Definitely take advantage of the sales when they have them and look for coupon codes. Order took 9 days.

James Mendez

Came through with 100% authentic problem as promised. Could not be happier with my purchase! Thanks again for the awesome price.

Jose Salinta

Their instagram was featured in the explore page. At first I was skeptical but the reviews steered me into buying. Did not dissapoint of course. 

Calvin Maddox

Extremely high quality items. Everything looks good and couldn't be better. Box came in awesome shape too! 

Liam Denali

Had someone reccomend them and was kinda sketch, bt after following their social media posts I decided to bite the bullet and wasn't dissapointed. Definitely cleaner than any other after site.

Z. Johnson

Email team was really helpful in getting my order out to me. I paid for priority shipping very easily, and the fact that they accept PayPal makes it even better and more secure. 

Kendra Peat