Thank you all so much for the unbelievable amount of support as we continue to expand our operations to better improve the buying experience from Godsey Supply. We wanted to give everyone a preliminary advisement in saying that due to our recently increased volume, all orders may take an additional week to two weeks to be fulfilled on top of current shipping time frames. We still encourage you to shop with us and are happy to offer a 10% discount on all purchases during this expansion and record breaking traffic coming to our site. We also have made standard shipping within the United States free.

We soon will be implementing better software for tracking your orders progress from the SELLER to US for authentication as well. 

Also, another exciting feature is that we soon will be launching a closed beta for select sellers to test selling their shoes on our platform, and then hopefully expanding to allow anyone to be able to sell securely, privately, and ensure that only 100% authentic products are sold on the resell market abroad.

10% Coupon code at checkout is: changes

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Recent Reviews

To call Godsey Supply an over-achiever in customer experience would be an understatment. I have not had a single issue with their sourcing services and have been shopping for over a year... Each time I've been met with professionalism and amazing products at a pretty good price overall. 

Richard M.

The people behind Godsey Supply are simply some of the nicest and most well put together team I've interacted with. Their brand is growing rapidly, yet they still maintain their community relations with their smaller employee base.

Alex H.

I've purchased a couple of items off of Godsey to date and every time they follow through with the order. They're a company with great customer service and they always do everything in their power to satisfy their customers. Highly recommended purchasing off of Godsey Supply.

Charlie W.

They have all 100% legit stuff for profitable prices, and many steals. I 100% recommend them (Super nice people too!!)

Whyzee K.

Came through with 100% authentic items as promised. Could not be happier with my purchase! Thanks again for the awesome price.

Jose S.

Their instagram was featured in the explore page. At first I was skeptical but the reviews steered me into buying. Did not dissapoint of course. 

Calvin M.

Easily one of the best authentic hype sneaker shop there is. Everything I bought on there has been authenticated and passed on GOAT and StockX..

Juan L.

Had someone recommend them and was kinda sketch, but after following their social media posts I decided to bite the bullet and wasn't dissapointed.

Zach J.

Great company with great products. got my order in shortly after i ordered it and everything came as described and was 100% legit.

Ray W.