Affiliate Sales Program

Determining your eligibility to be a part of Godsey Supply's Affiliate Sales Program (ASP) is simple and leaves room for just about anyone to apply! All it takes, is a bit of background information on who you are, and why you believe you're a good fit for selling our products. We ask that you reference the table below, outlining the necessary requirements for applying. Please note, all applications, regardless of eligibility or not, are individually evaluated and may get approved or not based solely on the discretion of our choice. We ask, in an effort to handle the volume of potential requests, that only serious inquiries are to be sent to our affiliate link. Account submissions that don't appear to have organic reach will not be eligible and all applicants public social media platforms are subject to inspection prior to approval. 

Benefits of affiliate marketing and sales: 

  1. If approved, you and your followers, friends, and family are eligible for up to 5% off everything on site using your affiliate exclusive coupon code! (Exceptions apply, see terms of service for exact details.)* 
  2. All transactions made using your unique coupon code will be tracked and counted towards your eligibility for free promotional products from us, or a 3% commissioned payout of your total affiliate sales deposited directly to your Bank account! **
  3. Instant 1500 FREE points added to your rewards member account, and 1000 FREE points you can gift to ANYONE of your choice! (except yourself!)
  4. Freedom to advertise as you wish, and work with the mindset that, the better you promote and create shared interests in our products, the better potential payouts... Think of it this way. You ARE an influencer! Just 3 high ticket sales could potentially make you $80 a day!***

* Exceptions apply, see terms of service for details on what products may/may not apply for discount.

** Bank account / Google Pay Send account required upon signup. You are responsible for expressing interests in the number of sales made with your referral coupon code. We will not withold or manipulate the information provided from our sitehost in coupon code usage.

*** Actual amount may vary based on performance. Maximum daily payouts may apply. 

How to apply: 

All applications must be completed via the profile below. 

Please include a link or @ of your social media profiles for review and feel free to send a follow up email to as well.


We look forward to working with you!