Bulk Buying

Looking to buy in bulk from Godsey Supply? 

As of 7/26/2018 we have changed out our bulk buying procedure to be based on actual dollars spent (subtotal) in determining eligibility for a "bulk" deal. Typically, we offer these rates based on the circumstance of 8+ items being purchased at once, however this route us more economically beneficial for larger regular clients and newer orders. To be eligible for a "bulk" discount, you must meet the following subtotal in your cart before being able to apply the discount code. There is currently no limit to how many pairs of shoes, articles of clothing, or accessories you can purchase as long as your total matches the preceding discount code. Please keep in mind, if an item is unavailable to be sourced in the quantity you order, we will let you know and either process a partial refund for the items that cannot be fulfilled or offer exchange for other products of equal value. The following list prevented are the corresponding coupon codes to use at checkout:


bulkbuy1000 - for any purchase of $1500 or more at 10% off.

bulkbuy2000 - for any purchase of $2500 or more at 13% off.

bulkbuy3000 - for any purchase of $3500 or more at 15% off.

bulkbuy5000 - for any purchase of $5500or more at 17% off.

bulkbuy9000 - for any purchase of $9000 or more at 19% off.

bulkbuy15k - for any purchase of $15,000 or more at 20% off.

bulkbuy25k - for any purchase of $25,500 or more at 23% off. 

 (these discount codes do not work on mystery boxes exceeding $1000 in costs.)

- Any amounts over this, please contact us for separate rates and product availability. Thank you for your business and all inquiries. 

- Bulk orders are shipped out by individual pairs to best protect the items being shipped. The only exception may be for smaller items. 

Note: please allow up to an additional week over our allotted shipping times for orders exceeding these values of 8 or more items. Thank you for your patience.