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 Selling / Consigning with Godsey Supply

Our team is dedicated to selling all things luxury. If you are interested in selling / consigning an item to Godsey Supply, please check over the following before emailing your sale / consignment inquiry.

1. Decide if you would like to sell, or consign. 

If you decide to consign, our consignment fee is 21%. When your item sells, you will receive 79% of the listing price back via CashApp, Google Pay, Zelle, or PayPal invoice (request sent from the seller to us) You are responsible for upfront shipping costs to the offices of Godsey Supply.
Your item must pass authentication before it can be sold.
Please allow up to 30 business days for your item to sell.
If 30 business days pass, we will reach out to you and arrange for returning your item at your costs.
We may accept or refuse any listing offer at our discretion. 
Conditions and limitations apply. We prefer to only sell brands available on Godsey Supply and items in new / unworn condition. 
If selling (lower approval odds) we will pay no greater than 35%* of original MSRP if the item is discontinued or no longer available for purchase from the manufacturer. 
*Exceptions apply.
2. Include 3 detailed photographs of your product in your follow up email.
Fill out the form below, or send an email to: with the information provided above and we will respond to your sale inquiry. Don't be disappointed if we deny your sale / consignment request as you can submit as many as you'd like (just please do not spam the same item.)