Track My Order

All sellers and products available on our platform will begin the shipping process within 3 business days. You may/may not receive tracking from the original seller in the "en route to Godsey Supply for authentication" time frame. We are working on systems to better relay this to our clients.
All orders will receive tracking numbers via email from our hub, typically around the 10th or 15th* day after their order is done processing in our system. The email you have on file when you place your order (or have it texted to you if you signed up for Shopify alerts at checkout!) will be how we issue your tracking number. In the United States, we offer our domestic shipping options via USPS or UPS at low flat rates. Most items usually come from our supply chain that's mostly UK & Canadian based. (Orders from these countries tend to be shipped our rather quickly as you can imagine.) This is the only reason why there's a slightly longer wait, and it's the only way we can offer such good prices on all of our hype state-side. We are not responsible for order delays due to customs clearance and international mailing. We are slowly finding more reliable vendors state-side to help us speed up delivery process in the United States. We're well worth any wait though! Orders within the United States ship within 1-2.5 weeks. Orders outside the United States may take up to 4 weeks total.
Express shipping services are available at an additional costs at checkout and are shipped within the time frame specified on the service you choose. 
Once you receive your tracking number, you can track its status via the email directly, or at:
Trust The Process:
  • An order is placed with Godsey Supply, and two days pass to allow your bank and our bank to communicate the order fully. 
  • We allow our sellers 3 business days from the placement of the order to be shipped to our hubs for authentication. Any time over this grace period will concur a fee to their profile and result in a demerit against them. Repeated violations of this standard will result in a permanent ban from our selling platform. 
  • The item arrives to our authentication hub in 1 of 3 different locations. Our team of experts examine, compare, and properly sticker the pairs for shipment. They then are packed up carefully and shipped out in the order they are received. This process can take between 1-6 days truly depending on volume and how many shoes and items come in. (Sometimes over 100 a day.) 
  • The order is shipped out to you via the service you requested at checkout. Pick up and drop off times tend to be around 1-3:00 PM EST Monday-Friday. 
  • Your order arrives 1-3 days post shipment (or up to 8 for international orders) and you receive your parcel!  
Our primary authentication hub is in the United States, Richmond, Virginia - and all pairs are professionally authenticated prior to being packed and shipped from here. 
All products are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and sealed with high quality security tape. You may have to sign for your order. We use ECO-SMART bio-degradable packing peanuts and SAFS Air Packets to protect your items. All boxes are sent from our hub in excellent condition and may or may not incur damage en route. This is especially a possibility for international shipments. 
International shipping is also shipped via USPS INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS, but we recommend choosing UPS SIGNATURE CONFIRMED for orders over $300 or those shipping abroad. (Outside the United States) 
Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you need to cancel your order for any reason post shipment, please contact us with sufficient order information so we can proceed. Any cancellations post shipment will not be accepted and must be returned to us. We are not responsible for return shipping costs and apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
*Please allow us up to 15 business days (weekends excluded) to fulfill your order.
*International orders (outside the United States) may take up to 21 business days. This is due to potential customs clearance times. 
*Bulk orders over 10 items may require additional time.