Opening Soon

We have currently accepted all order slots for this inventory refresh. Be back very soon. As many of you know, we accept orders on a rolling basis and only process orders within the volume we can handle. Godsey Supply as a whole is looking to expand operations this year to stay open for longer spans of time and take more orders, in the meantime we are correcting prices, fulfilling orders, and making other necessary updates to best improve the user and buying experience. Thank you so much for your loyalty and patience. We will soon be accepting orders again. Please check out our Instagram: @GodseySupply for updates when our site is live again and our twitter as well. (Same handle.) TL;DR - We occasionally close down to catch up on large influxes of orders. Thanks for the patience and understanding! When we open back up, our 20% off sale remains until the middle of December! Did you know? Godsey Supply has delivered over 51,000 pairs of shoes!