2017 Holiday Round Up Raffle (1 Ticket)

2017 Holiday Round Up Raffle (1 Ticket)

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Our 2017 Holiday Round Up Raffle is here!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This giveaway we're highlighting a free chunky shoe in honor of the fashion trend that tied up 2017! You have a chance to win a pair of any of our assortments of chunky shoes. Ranging from the coveted Triple S, to the all too popular Wave Runner 700. Best of luck, and happy holidays from Godsey Supply! 

1 Ticket = 1 Entry 

Unlimited entries per customer. 

Must have an account with a valid email or phone number. 

More tickets typically increase your chance of winning from the winner pool! 

 Add more to cart to submit more than one entry! 

(Payment must be made and confirmed via PayPal OR Google Wallet) 

- Winning is not guaranteed with the purchase of a ticket. All winners subject to account review. Winner/Winners will be announced on December 31st, 2017. All ticket sales final. Item is non-refundable and non physical. All entries count equally. Purchasing multiple tickets does increase your chances of winning, but still cannot guarantee a win. Valid wins not claimed within 3 days will be removed from entry and a new winner will be selected in place. Pairs won in giveaways are non-returnable. Winner will receive items listed above/and or up to equal value in items of their choice for place in win. Selection is based off of random email pulls in the ticket pool. Ticket number is order number. Discounts not eligible for tickets. Winner will be selected via order number. Best of luck to you! -