Investment Plan (Adjusted Based on Contribution) / One-Time Investment

Investment Plan (Adjusted Based on Contribution) / One-Time Investment

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Would you be interested in making a difference for us? Becoming a part of our team and business officially? Retaining exclusive privileges for early investors and serious business guru's alike, your chance to help us and expand in the continuous growth of Godsey Supply from a small resell business to a titan of industry providing exceptionally fast delivery times, enhanced customer experiences, live support, customization product, and many more exciting enhancements to our personal 5 year business plan and mission alike. Investing in our young, but hopeful business can make a major impact on our quarterly finances and day to day operation within the front lines as well as benefit you in building your personal portfolio and potentially future-proofing your financial independence. 

ONE TIME INVESTMENTS, are subject to a return rate based on quarterly performance over the course of ONE fiscal year of Godsey Supply. Investments stack and are totaled together from initial investment date to the end of the fiscal year. You can make an unlimited amount of one time investments. Returns are not approximate or guaranteed and derive on the performance of Godsey Supply. Your investments are potentially a key factor in what can make a quarter successful. 

The following investment plans in the drop down menu are ONE TIME contributions to the company and its growth. Your private, but monitored investment will be used for the following: 

- Day to day operational cost such as keeping our SSL encryption and security live for our website and running our site host. (A $39.00 contribution covers this for one month.) 

- Product enhancement and quality control improvements. This varies from month to month, but can ensure that all products that are purchased through Godsey Supply are of utmost exception and the absolute best in the industry. As well as helping launch our own clothing brand going into 2018. 

- Targeted ad campaigns and expanded advertising costs. Ads are not cheap when being used effectively. A targeted ad that will deliver results takes time and effort to build and upwards of $500 for 6 weeks of consistent results. 

- Enhanced delivery efforts. A percentage of ALL investments will be used to build a better financial relationships with our vendors and incentive faster production and bulk discounted rates with our shipping companies we are partnered with such as FedEx and UPS. 

- Portfolio building from working with "Angel-Investors" such as yourself and suggestions that could potentially improve the operations that Godsey Supply run and manage.

Personal Benefits for Investors: 

  • Personal portfolio expansion and partial ownership of Godsey Supply. This ownership is factored in based on the value of the company as of 2/2/2018 projected into our 4th quarter expected performance of this year into next, and your contribution. For Example: If the company was worth $220,000 at the end of our fourth quarter of 2018, your ownership if you contributed $1000 would be 0.45% for that years performance and estimated value. (Just an example, and is not to be used as an approximate estimation)
  • Financial insider information into the business such as quarterly reports shared in a private email thread (not for external distribution) 
  • Personalized insight into the businesses direction and prioritized suggestions into changes or ad campaign and influenster suggestions.
  • Privatized Investor retreats and meetings (For larger contributors and long terms investors.) 
  • Potential returns on investments in the plan of x5 over 5 years. For example: A contribution of $5,000 over 5 years would yield a return of $25,000 total / assuming partial ownership is not the intention of the investor. Otherwise potentially more. (Disclaimer: No business, regardless of standing can promise guaranteed returns to its investors. While we have very high hopes and performance to prove it in the numbers, it is required for us to say "Invest Responsibly.") 
  • Lifetime long discount on products purchased from Godsey Supply and the possibility of free promotional product and future releases before others know about it. (Intended for contributions of $100 or more.) *certain products excluded.

With you, a difference can be made and set for the future of this company. We rely on your support daily and taking the extra step to secure our, YOUR businesses financial independence, and supply a truly unique experience in the world of sneakers and fashion that we know you love. 


Any amount invested is subject to a potential return. Your return is calculated by 2 factors. 

1. The amount of the initial investment. 

2. The amount of ownership of the business. This is determined by the total ACTUAL sales / profit of the final quarter of 2018 / end of the fiscal year. A percentage example is listed far above on how this is calculated. As with any business investments, to make the math simple. The more you put in, the more you potentially could earn on. We will spend the investments responsibly and 100% of it goes towards business related expenses and recurring payments. We look after our investors and make sure to go through our business plan in giving them returns on their investments. 

Investments are made securely through credit/debit cards or any other methods available at checkout. Investments are non refundable and we ask that you invest responsibly. Your investment will be used for the following reasons listed above to improve the overall business as a whole and is greatly appreciated. Ownership/Stake percentage is factored based on the end of the 4th quarter performance of 2018 for Godsey Supply and will be distributed then. Contributions cannot be private. Contributors and investors will automatically receive VIP status and have on site accounts made for them. Tracking your investment is the responsibility of the investor and updates can be provided by emailing our payments team. Investment returns may be payed out incrementally. Payouts and plans of 5x over 5 years will be monitored for contributions of $500 or more and are subject to performance of Godsey Supply. This protects both us as a company, and you as a consumer. We sincerely thank you for your efforts and helping us grow. Unlimited amount of one time investments allowed. Maximum of company value for 5x5. Anything exceeding our 4th quarter total financial summary for the year would be considered a buyout. If an investor wishes to no longer contribute, they will either 1.) Need to find a new buyer for their percentage of the company stake or 2.) Make an offer upon the owner of Godsey Supply or other holders of the company / all is subject to gain or loss depending on the financial performance of Godsey Supply and affiliated businesses. 2.5% to 10% of all investments are placed into a reserve vesting portfolio owned by Godsey Supply as a security.