The Luxury Mystery Box

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A truly epic surprise awaits one lucky individual for one out of 10 mystery box purchases. 

*IMPORTANT NOTICE - If you need to request a shoe size larger/smaller than the ones listed. Or a Shirt/Pants size. Please feel free to place your order, and email us with your order number and correct sizes needed. We guarantee we will not mess that up or your money back. We simply just can't have more than 100 variants total for our site host.

** If you use a discount code, the minimum value of your mystery box will be determined by the final SUBTOTAL price you pay. Not the initial value.

What's in a mystery box? 

A mystery box typically contains one or several random pair of shoes/articles of clothing from our site (or if you get really lucky, rare designer shoes or clothing) and a small assortment of bonus goodies. Bonus goodies range from high end key-chains, accessories, designer socks, or other sneaker-head essentials!  A few lucky boxes will also include a Jason Markk premium cleaning kit. Simply select your shoe size (please convert to US MENS), and clothing sizes, and your mystery box will start being put together.

*Mystery box pairs are professionally authenticated by our team. As if you had to ask anyways! 


Don't worry, we wont pull a fast one. The boxes are priced accordingly and fairly so that the value is inclusive to the shoe or total contents inside the box. Mystery boxes are either worth up to the value paid, or exceeding value.

One lucky buyer, out of every 10 mystery boxes sold, will get a FREE upgrade to the next tier of mystery box!

*Shoe / contents value is determined by either original retail price, or current market average price.

*"If Needed" is reflective of the nature of the mystery box. We cannot guarantee that you will get one or the other of course, being that it is a valued surprise.


What comes in a mystery box?

Well... It wouldn't be a mystery if we told you! However, just so you have a general idea. The boxes typically contain a valuable pair of shoe(s) and or articles of clothing! Very rarely are shoes not included, but if they're not. No need to worry. The pieces you'll be getting are worth up to the same value or more of the box price you choose. We also have a tendency of being extra nice and popping a few designer branded accessories or lifestyle items in.

Brand examples –

  • Supreme 
  • YEEZY 
  • Adidas Originals (UltraBoost, NMD’s, Stan Smith’s)
  • Nike (Runners, Air Max)
  • Supreme (Clothing and accessories)
  • Bape (Clothing and accessories)
  • Designer Items (Margiela, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, etc.) (Gucci Guaranteed in Luxury Box)

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